2005-03-01 03:47:00 (UTC)


I was told today by a good friend that this journal thing
is stupid. Apparently they have no point to them and are
very mundane. He wants me to get a voice, a tone, tell
some jokes, anything but this. I thought that most people
reading this could hear my voice. To be honest I think
Stephen just wanted to hear more juicy things about my
life. He wanted me to give him my password so he could
create a fictional story about me based on his
experience. And of all the experiences for him to choose
he wanted me to talk about how he got a piece of gum stuck
in a girl's pubic hairs. I really dont think Im gonna
write about that anytime soon.

To be honest the only thing that I can write about right
now is spring break. For the longest time I didnt have
any plans and was just planning on staying in my house in
florida. Now dont get me wrong that would have been fine,
but now Kal and I are going to the Cayman Islands. I find
myself sitting in class looking out the window running
spring break scenarios through my head. I know it sounds
cliche, but its the truth. We are staying in a super nice
hotel, in a foreign country, by ourselves. I think a fair
share of trouble will happen. Kal is already talking
about drinking the entire vacation. Kal and heavy
drinking is always a good time, but can be quite messy at
times. For example, at my 21st birthday party kal decided
to have a drinking contest with Mac, who is much much
larger than her. Towards the end of the night kal had
wandered off and went to some random persons wedding. We
finally find her unable to stand up, Lillian takes her to
the bathroom and the next thing you hear is this loud
thump. Kal had passed out onto the marble bathroom
floor. Poor Peter had to carry her all the way home. Im
really not explaining it very well, but I can assure you
that it was funny.

So yeah me and kal on the beach all day with an open bar.
Hopefully I dont pass out in the sun and burn to death. Im
definately going parasailing and jetskiing. Everyone says
I need to go to sting ray city again, but Im not sure I
can handle that. I dont see the appeal in wading in water
with massive slimy creatures clinging to you. When I went
last time I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown.
Kal's first thing on her to-do list when we get there is
to introduce herself to the bartender and have him make
her his speciality drink. If thats the first thing on her
to-do list I can only imagine the rest of it. We plan on
taking many many pictures to show all of you that are
stuck in the cold this break...rub in how much fun we
had. We might even take a few picutes of dead sea life
and the people we meet(only kal will get that).

Ok, Im really sorry I have nothing of interest to say or
even anything meaningful. This is rarely the case. Maybe
you all should make my life more exciting and then these
entries would be fun to read.

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