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2005-03-01 00:18:01 (UTC)

02-28-05 My first entry!

Hell people. Well, this is my first entry. Enough of
that...on to the good stuff. BTW, my diary name is the same
as my IM name. I hate Monday. I had to go to class today,
and I gotta do an English paper on reality shows and a math
project. It really sux. But, at lunch today my friend
though someone was talking to him through the window, but
the guy was really talking to the guy behind my friend. It
was so funny cause my friend was like "what?" lol. Um,
right now I'm listening to Missy Elliott. On Friday night
my friends and I had a party. It was fun! We started off
drinking a little bit, then a lot, and we watched The
Grudge. I, um, kinda did somethin at the party but that's
private. ;) My two friends and I almost hit a deer that
night, also.(not cause of the alcohol) My friend, Suzanna,
was in the backseat and had a delayed reaction and she
screamed AAAH! like 5 sec. after we almost hit the deer.
lol. We couldn't stop laughing. Well, anyway Imma go, Sorry
for the grammar errors and crap, but I'm too lazy to go
back and correct all this stuff. TTYL Love always,
Will........HAHA! That was corny!