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2005-02-28 21:32:00 (UTC)

copy cat

i am gonna be a copy cat and do another one of those surveys from
dentis xanga....

have you ever:
broken someones heart- I HOPE NOT!

cried when someone died- duh, and i will always miss gracie

wanted someone you knew you couldn't have-i did for a while...but then
i realized i could have him....
broken a bone- may toesie!!
lied- im not godly of course!!!

skipped school- no...i am a pussy i no
which is better:
coke or pepsi-coke-and it rocks!!!
sprite or 7up- sprite-who do you think i am?!?!
scruff or clean shave-scruff looks good...but doesnt feel good to kiss...
quiet or loud- depends..when ur with freinds go crazy!! when you want a
romantic moment...go crazy in a different way...

blondes or brunettes-im a major brunnette fan but i dont really care
bitchy or slutty- wtf.....who wants to be bitvhy or slutty??

tall or short- tall....

pants or shorts- well id rather have nothign on....jk

with the opposite sex:
what do you notice first- smile...they need to be open and spontanious

last person you slow danced with-do you count randomly wanting to
learn how to walts with marsh in elenas hallway????

good luck charm- too many o count...but lucky hairbands all the way!

person you hate most- im not a bitch all the time!!

memory- anything with cool people
color- teal....oh and blagenta :D

movie- JAWS!!!!

subject in school- nothing in school is good..except the gothic corner at

juice- who the fuck cares!!! but i must say i am cool enough to like
orange juice AND ice

cars- well i need my licence first....but anything vintagy

ice cream- anything that's greaters

season- summer who doesnt liek sleeping in, going to the pool and
having not a care in the world??

breakfast food- bagels......they make everything all better!

song- sway by the perishers

Thing that makes you laugh- cool people and fond memories..

Thing that makes you smile-you!!

Person that can make you feel better- all my freinds~marshall,
busty,carter, denti, elena, ashley, alex k, alex b,
brittany, josh, andy, ben, jordan...u guys are sweet never change!!!!

any one have a crush on you- i hope!

do you have a crush on someone-well i do have a boyfreind....

who has it easier, male/female- THE DUDE!

who gives you a funny feeling when you see them- some one cool...the
feeling is more like im nervous, my stomache hurts, i feel sick,and i am
scared....i should hate the feeling.....but i wouldnt trade it for the

do you ever:
sit by the phone waiting for a certain someone to call- no thats a waste
of time...call them

save AIM convos- damn--thats one i saved

save emials- woah i forgott i had one!1

fallen for your best friend- when ever you like someone or go out with
someone...they should still be your best friend....who says you cant go
out and act like best freinds to?

been in love-ive been in love with the feeling i get when i am just near

been in lust- well......
used someone- no way

done something you regret- everyone does....i did one last weekend...