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2005-02-28 21:18:15 (UTC)

Today was HORRIBLE!!!

Today was the first day back to school since the Friday
before last and I was absent because of chicken pox.
Everybody was teaseing me. Even my friends who i told to
stop countless times to stop but wouldn't. I tried going to
the teachers and Principals but they said to tell them who
and I said everybody in my classes except my cousin and
neighbor and they said be more specific and I said that's
as specific I can get unless you want me to tell you who
not to get mad at cause the list of people not teasing me
was smaller than those who were. Then they said go back to
class or get back in your desk your wasting my time.
I feel as if I don't belong. I feel as if I'm an alien
put in a strange place called the America's. There's only
one person who made me feel as if I belonged.But he's gone
now. He left me for this 8th grader. With him it was as if
we were the best of friends but more. like nothing could
separate us. But I soon realized this: He hurt my feelings
and broke my Heart.When I tryed to get revenge,I soon
realized, He had no feelings to hurt and definatly no heart
to break.

Sad and Confused,