Jessica Smith

Behind the Mask...
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2005-02-28 16:21:35 (UTC)


Today i have remembered
i am not whole
actually i have never forgotten
it makes me sad because there is no one there
i want to cry
i want to die
there is nowhere for me to go.

there are days that i feel ok
but so many times i wish'd you away
my heart feels so numb
but yet is broken in a millon pieces
Everyone is gone
they have all left with out me

i want want to run and hide
to escape all the pain
i have been used
now i am eternally bruised
time has stopped but yet is still moving
Can we we leave together
maybe still be friends?
there are still things that i don't know
sometimes i just want to go
where the music plays and all is calm
i wish that i could make everything go away
all the pain the cutting the burning i just want it to stop
ihave to go