2005-02-28 14:52:55 (UTC)

midterm and four days

so i've been up since 730 studying for my midterm in
historic preservation

i plan on leaving at 10 and studying at school some more

i hope i do okay
i think i know pretty much everyhting cept for a few points
which i think i'm gonna study and learn at school before the
midterm at 12

if i get through this week it will be amazing cause i feel
like just locking myself in my room

friday is only four days away
i hope everything goes okay
its going to be so freaking cold this week

i feel like such a failure sometimes
seriously theres something wrong with me cause some days i'm
fine and everything is great, then other days i wanna shoot
myself... i dont get it...

people get on my nerves
so annoying

i'm trying

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