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2005-02-28 14:09:33 (UTC)

Tiffy's Diary LIII..Teachers again??Are they all really good?? interesting topic~Are all teachers good?
Everyone of U think that if teachers teach U and U should
respect them..~But I don't think so as I have seen many
examples that not many of them are good~What do I mean
by"Good"(a easy but complicated word).."Good" can means
many things,but this time,I use it as a word to describe a
teacher whether she/he has really try her/his best to be a
teacher and teach students with her/his best and answer
students' question clearly and patiently,kind,care about
pupils' feelings ETC.~If U still don't understand,U can
keeping on reading and there is an example below~
There is a teacher-always scold pupils just because 4get
to bring something and ask them to write an essay or
comments on news!U will think that it is very reasonable,
so do I~How about if U hand in the essay or comments that
U have done it with Ur best,but she/he just put it on the
school book shelf and never read it or give comments...or
actually she/he ask U to do is because she /he need many
comments to stick them on their club board..??What will U
think about that??Still very reasonable??Na..I don't think
so~Once, I have a classmate forget to bring her english
storybook..(teacher didn;t ask her to bring,at least 5
didn't bring)..that teacher ask her to write a compo to
explain why she didn;t bring her book and what are to ways
to prevent this to happen again..300 words..not more than
5 careless mistakes..ok .. fine .. reasonable if hand it
on tomorrow..but yet the teacher ask all the students to
hand it in after half an hour..mad..even our englsih
compo..we only need to write 120 not many of us
tried to write such a long compo..that girl's english was
quite bad, so I decided to help her..I wrote it in about
28 mins..and ask her to copy in 2 mins..Done~BUT 1 day~I
went to the bookshelf to find my exercise book..that I
think I left it there...I accidentally saw a stack of
paper..I was curious I took a look..GOSH!!I found
that they were all the pieces of work that the classmates
had done them with their best,But yet..that teacher didn;t
even check on chop a stamp "SEEN"..but leave them in the
bookshelf for days/months~..I don't know whether the
pieces of work are still there..Maybe dumped away..or
missing already~I am not angry but felt just a little bit
unfair for my classmates..
Another thing is that when she ask us to write a
compo..she don't even explain clearly..just tell us what
is the tittle..and if there is a paragraph below the
tittle..she just talk about it..didn't ask us to write
mind map..the main wonder my compo is getting
worse and worse~ ..*sighing*.. ~When my classmates ask her
question about things that they don't understand~she just
answer them impatiently..Not many of my classmates like
that teacher..they have many bad things to talk about
her..I have already said the most important ones~
Anyone can tell me what is this teacher??Can she be really
called a "teacher"??

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