Spirits In Silents
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2005-02-28 11:19:10 (UTC)

happi and sad

today..a brand new start of the first lookin so
forward...but haiz..i overslept in the MORNING...omg.. but
everything went de english common test 26.5/50 nt
too bad la maths den sux..21.5/50 fail =( BIO
WORST sia 15/45 lol...i really nt a f***king interested in damn bored manx...ermm...den hor today after the
recess n frens walkin back to class den saw him
and his frens sumore i so happi n excited...but he nvber
saw me..we r a distance away...heng..PHEW!! wahaha.. tt
fri stay in sch wib aaron play badminton den he cum sia..
he saw me played happi...but he nvr concentrate
de he tok to his frens..=( but last time durin my cca i
saw him he saw eye contact..weee sho happi wor..=)
hehe..he sho perfect seh..sho time i play
table tennis den he see me play i so paiseh den dun
play..abit regret but nvm still he saw me..