Secrets come out?
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2005-02-28 09:53:32 (UTC)

damn... damn.,..damn

well.... hell....i went to work on Saturday at one and
it was a pretty good day but people kept stoppin by work to
see me and askin me about jail... i mean there had to be at
least ten come through front... and about ten cars through
drive through... Cariie and India pulled up beside the cars
in the drive through and were like..."what up bitch?' And
i was like damn didn't expect to talk to y'all today...
they were like what time do you get off and i was like i am
stayin over till one am... and they were like damn! i was
like yeah ...and so they said they were gonna go get some
beer and stuff and were gonna come to my house.. and i was
like . UM ~OKAY.. lol... so about ten my freakin back was
killin me and i could barely walk my legs were so sore...
and so instead of stayin over... i told denia that i was
too tired... i mean i hadn't slept in 2 days and was workin
a 12 hour shift.. so she was pissed but i left anyway...
and i called acrrie and india .. and went over to big lots
and everybody was like hey... and holly came over there...
to talk ... and ... anyway so i went home after that.. and
wasn't plannin on drinkin but i got drunk with them... the
drunkest i have been in a while.. lol.... it was great but
i had to work on sunday and... by the time i woke up at ten
am on sunday and had to be in work at 12..... i was feelin
like shit.. i don't get hangovers and i don't get sick but
this wasn't a hangover feelin it was like a virus sick
feelin.. i was shakin all over and jerkin and it was
crazy! ... so i laid down and called work to tell em i'd
work from 4 to whenever up in the mornin and they were like
ok... well i fell asleep and missed work .. i was in bed
until 4Am... this mornin.. i don't know what's gonna happen
i will prolly get wrote up or somethin but hey ... i
couldn't help it i don't think i could've worked like that
anyway... but that's about all the new shit with me...

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