Miss Thang

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2005-02-28 07:40:25 (UTC)

Jason Moore you prick.......

So quiet
Another wasted night,
The television steals
The conversation
Another wasted breath,
Again it goes unnoticed.

Please tell me you're
Just feeling tired
'cause if it's more than
That I feeel that I might break
Out of touch, out of time.
Please send me anything
But signals that are mixed
Cause I can't read
Your rolling eyes
Out of touch,
Are we out of time?

Close lipped
Another goodnight kiss
Is robbed of all it's passion,
Your grip
Another time, is slack
It leaves me feeling empty.

I'll wait until tomorrow
Maybe you'll feel better then
Maybe we'll be better then
So what's another day
When I can't bear
These nights of thoughts
Of going on without you
This mood of yours is temporary
It seems worth the wait
To see your smile again
Out of the corner of your eye
Won't be the only way
You'll look at me then


Heard about your trip.
I heard about your souvenirs.
I heard about the cool breeze
In the cool nights,
And the cool chicks,
That you spent them with.
Well I guess I should have
Heard of them from you.
I guess I should have
Heard of them from you.

Don't you see?
Don't you see
That the charade is over?
And all the "Best Deceptions"
And "Clever Cover Story"
Go to you.
So kiss me hard
Cause this will be the last
Time that I let you.
You will be back someday
And this awkward kiss
That tells of other people's lips
Will be of service
To keeping you away.

I heard about your regrets.
I heard that you were feeling sorry.
I heard from someone
That you wish you could
Set things right between us.
Well I guess I should have
Heard of them from you.
I guess I should have
Heard of them from you.

I'm waiting for blood
To flow to my fingers,
I'll be all right
When my hands get warm
Ignoring the phone,
I'd rather say nothing
I'd rather you'd never
Heard my voice.
Too late to be gracious
And you do not warrant
Long good-byes.
You're calling too late.

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