Personal Life Diary
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2005-02-28 07:09:13 (UTC)

Valentine`s Day Shyness

February 14 2005 Monday
I`m surprised that todays celebrants are Heart
Evangelista,and Chris Aquino.I`m very shy today cause it`s
valentine`s day.My crush told me that he has already a
GF.And they will date at Ever Gotesco.I was so surprise
that his friend Francis had a date(GF) too.And they are
gong at SM megamall,and Starcity.You know I was shocked to
here that.I fooled them I told them I also had a date(BF)
but my crush didn`t bother asking me where we are going.But
Francis did.
So I told to my self I should arrange my own date with
him and with my bestfriend`s crush,and my x-crush.I set it
up were me,Fong,Marie,Charles,and Elicka ate.We called it
Pansitan.I dump Fong,cause he doesn`t know anything.And my
father said "You should mary a smart guy".Thaen I said to
myself Nothing less to do the orders.
Later at recess:
I told my crush that me and my best friend are going
to the pansitan house with Charles,and Fong.He said "Sure
I`ll come but your gonna pay."I said "Okay."I didn`t told
Francis cause he would be jealous.
Later at dissmissal:
Me and my bestfriend were walking.She was bumping me
cause I invited my crush there.Then we came across my crush
and he said "Sorry my service is already here,maybe next
time."I was so mad I rushed to my service.When me and my
bestfriend were walking through the gate so we can buy
pancit,The gaurd told us that we can`t go ut cause maybe we
could be bump by a car.I said to them that`s ridiculous.But
one way or another we still can`t get out.

Love cool_debbie