Miss Thang

2005-02-28 06:52:31 (UTC)

the day of recovery.......

well yesterday i went down to lismore and saw jason
phillips and we sat and talked for hours it was nice... it
helpt me heaps...... we sorted alot of things out things
are still not right but they are on the way to being ok....

we caught up and laughed about old times like when his
parents aw him naked and when i took photos of him in a not
so flattering nature!!! lmao then he threw me over his
shiulder so i tried to dack him with no success mind
you...lol we were cuddling and stuff ot was nice....

we have both changed for the better and now that we have
both got our own lives abd no one is butting in with us its
working out alot better.......

i missed him heaps and regardless of what happens things
have been cleared up between us and i'm not going to regret
going down there as much as nigel and mel had issues with
fuck knows why they are nothing to me and i'm nothing to
them so why do they persist in creating shit all the
fucking time??? i'm 20 years of age i can go anywhere i god
damn please and if that means i go to lismore then so be
it. what do they think that i'm scared of them?? i couldn't
care less hey have no power over me anymore i don't care
about them or their families...... they have no control and
thats what they cant handle..... meh!!! in any case i got
what i wanted and that was jason...... so i don't give a
fuck what they say about me jason knows who i am ab thats
all i care about..... they are fucking pathtic no
hopers.... they have no life they have to cause shit for
everyone else!!! so good luck in that dead end town i'll be
syre to send you a postcard when i go on my world cruise

ok ok ok i've had my foamy rant now so i'll save the sweet
stuff about me and jason for another entry when i calm

Teegs and her VERY HAPPY puppies!!! (lmfao)

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