2005-02-28 06:15:02 (UTC)


I met matt all by an accident.
remember that time i went to mama's with Rachel, again, i
saw matt coming in with his fds. i was shocked coz he's the
most cutiest guy i had ever seen in mama's! i looked at his
eyes coming up with a shy smile and he did the same to me.
he was in a white soccer jacket which suits him so much. in
fact i didn't do anyting and afterall her fds jumbed over,
grabbing my hands to join their hot dance. alrte i wasin
and matt came over too. we danced a little bit and then we
moved to cheseas. after a couples of cocktails we finally
in the new flat of germ's. he is working on finance
consultant in HK what a job that i'm not interested in.
matt and i sitting on the coach so closely and we started a
very very interesting chat with momoko and those fds of
germ's. they're all very very nice ppl.

matt was leaving on the other day to tailand so do i
leaving to mainland with rachel and jing too. after a week
passed, the day i came back to hk travelling on KCT on the
way home, he called. i was so so exhitied coz it was the
thing i've been waited for a week! he dated me out and we
hv our first date on St. Valentines'.

Wine and dine in CWB, purple roses and sweet kisses in LW,
i felt like we were a couple in the city in this happy
st.valentines' day.

the 2nd date was a meet with his fds in CWB for a crazy
karaoke party in neway box. it was sooooo funny and i like
all of his fds! the most important thing is that he was
like introduced ALL of his fds to me. i felt the pressure
however, i found that i am pretty enjoy on it though.

the 3rd date was in knutsford. he was drinking coffee in
there! how cute he was! moved to chesears for minutes like
the first time we met.

the 4th date was a perfect date to TST, waching movie
of "Fockers' family" with lots of fun.

the 5th date was in kutsford again, after the ox tail
noodel down stairs and we went to mama's and bonker's! his
ireland and amrican fds are so amazing!

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