The life of a boring person
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2005-02-28 05:26:57 (UTC)

My life is a cage

I want out, of this house, this town. it is a cage. such a
ritual. day after day is the same. same town same bull
shit as normal. oh i just want to breath. i feel like
am... stuck. i need a car and a full tank of gas and i
would be out of here so fast. question is where would i
go. anyweres to tell the truth. god i need out of prescott.
i just got a idea. i could go see my mom she is in ny. and
i could just get away. why do i want to get aways so bad.
it is because i am sick of everything. parents, friends,
work and life. i don't want to comite sucide but i just
wish for change not big though just something to happen. i
am bored. the pirate is so sweet. i wish i was a better
girlfriend but i can't. there is so much i want to say but
right now i can't seem to get it out. i hate my parents. i
hate my sister diane. i hate life.