Personal Life Diary
2005-02-28 05:07:29 (UTC)

My Horrible Day

February 23 2005 Wednesday
Today is classes.And today there will be a
test on P.E.Today is so horrible cause the P.E test is
volleyball.And I never played volleyball.
Bad news I only got 75% on the exam my classmate dump
dried leaves on me,Gerlie,and Dennis.We were just sitting
on a dry land when Kenn dump dried leaves on us.We were
just talking about our horrible lives.
My father got mad at me cause Kenn dump dried leaves on
me.My father was so mad that he slapped me on the face very
hard.I hate him so much.He didn`t believe me.He thought
that I had sex with Kenn.I`ll tell you that my father is
really green minded.He said "He better show up tomorrow or
I`ll kill him."
I hope tomorrow my fathe doesn`t kill him.

Love cool_debbie

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