Personal Life Diary
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2005-02-28 03:51:37 (UTC)

~Wonderful/Sad Day~

February 28 2005 Monday
Today is great.Not really cause I didn`t gom to
school cause I`m sick.Most of all I didn`t see my crush,and
my best friend.My crush is so funny,handsome.We share the
same things.We like singing(when he sings on a mike you
couldn`t here anything,and when I sing I`m out of the tone.)
He never gets angry.We play RAGNAROK together.
He was my seatmate.When my adviser moved him to
another place.And now his seatmate is my worst enemy.She
always teases me.And maybe she will tell the whole class
that he is my crush.I can`t stop thinking about it.
My bestfirend is a nice person.She agrees with me
and all of my enmies is her enemies too.She never ever
leaves my side.She is like a sister to me.I`m amazed when
we go everywhere in school.We play together too.

Love cool_debbie

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