Torrance the Vamp

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2005-02-28 03:50:55 (UTC)

No News

According to the dude that owns the truck if he doesn't
get a better offer in 2 weeks he'll sell it to us. I want
it now. And he's only doing that because the dude that
sold it to him did that to him. The dude is the third
owner of the truck. I wonder why people are selling it?
Its a good truck and all but don't you keep good things.
There may be more to the truck than meets the eye. My dad
says this that the dude doesn't wanna sell the truck but
he has to because he got a new expedition. Lame. But I
want that truck because it's awesome and I wanna drive it
as soon as I can drive.

Thought of the Day:

The age old saying of treat people the way you wanna be
treated, does it still work if you they treated you bad

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