My Journey
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2005-02-28 03:46:52 (UTC)

Life is Unpredictable

Things in life are not always so predictable.

A year ago this weekend we were on our way to Taipei to
meet my father's old high school friend and his family. We
talked over lunch in a Japanese restaurant and had a good

Earlier this year, I learned that this friend, who's from
our hometown originally, was dead.

This is just another example to keep us in mind that people
who reach certain age, as normal as it appears from
outside, their health can all the sudden deteriorate.

I never used to have to think about these life events
before, at least not in last decade. But news from back
home of someone passing are now becoming common occurrence
and are getting more frequent. It's true and it's real that
people of the pre-war generation, those generations who
have seen war and can still remember it and are very well
versed in Japanese, are now leaving us in drove everyday.

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