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2005-02-28 02:37:27 (UTC)

Sorry John

Dear John

I never did feel that I had said everything that needed to
be said so I guess its time I told you the truth once and
for all. I'm sorry. I always felt that I needed to tell you
that. I am sorry that I was not sophisticated, beautiful,
kind, smart and basically the woman that you deserve and
need. In so many ways I tried to be that woman but somehow
I always seemed to fail. I never realized how inadequate I
felt until now. I never felt that I looked right. I would
always try to hard. I never let myself be myself around
you anymore than you did with me. I always felt that the
two of us were acting the way that we thought the other
wanted us to be. I never could tell you how I felt without
seeming to insult you. I never meant to insult you. You are
a great guy. You always spoiled me in every way. You always
let me talk even if I sounded ridiculous. You were one in a
million. So I am writing you this letter to tell you that I
am sorry that I was such an ass. It was never anything that
you said or did it was always me. So thank you for loving
me even though I never gave you much to love.


P. S. Tell Thomas and Doug I said hi. Oh and tell Doug I am
sorry I didn't call on his birthday. I hope it was great. I
know you guys were planning on having a party. I hope
Thomas and his girl worked things out. Tell Nicole that I'm
sorry for calling her the BITCH. I Love You and Happy
Valentine's Day!

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