mandee's thoughts
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2005-02-28 01:41:50 (UTC)


Neither my boyfriend nor i have had a job for the past
three months. well let me rephrase that. he hasent had a
job for like a year. which has made him kinda unwilling to
get close, but thats another journal...
anyway... now that we have both found jobs we really dont
have time for each other. let me just interject here that
he and i have seen eachohter or at least talked to
eachother everyday for the past six and a half months. now
that we dont have as much time, i havent even talked to
him for more then three minuets in like three or four
days. im trying to be really supportive becasue he is
also trying to get close to some friends that he hasent
seen in a long time, but that also means... yet less time
for us. i know i know that im being selfish but i cant
help it. ohh well he dosent need to know that i feel this
way.. kisses

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