a little piece of me
2005-02-28 01:13:28 (UTC)

new job

started my new office job last wednesday. boring as
hell, but pays great. plus, it's only a seasonal job, so i'll
be free to garden and be outdoors this summer.
hopefully i'll be able to afford the application fee so i can
get back into summer school, too. that would be nice.
things just might work out. probably not, but we'll see i

still not feeling well today. finally got cleared up after
that aweful reaction, though. i think i know which shirt
made me break out so bad, but i read the label and
there was no silk or anything in it that i'm allergic to. i
don't know exactly what happened, but i'm fine now. the
hives are all gone. i can finally quit wearing turtlenecks
every day! lol.

speaking of turtle, he's out for the evening. he went to
play magic with his buddy. i'm so glad he's got a friend
around here to do things like that with. it makes me
feel much better. i know he really misses all of his
friends from before. he's the best man in the world. i
love him so much.

well, i guess i'm gonna head out. i may take something
for my wicked headache, then lay down and read. i've
been laying down all day, but my head starts throbbing
whenever i get up. ugh, i hate being sick. anyway,
that's all!