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2005-02-27 22:16:16 (UTC)

My weight loss diary.

2/27/05 2:00 pm:

I am starting this four weeks post gastric bypass surgery.

I started my journey about a year ago. I was denied for
Gastric Bypass surgery due to being not fat enough. I had
a BMI of around 41 and this was not high enough. I also
had no other complications so I was not a good candidate
for the surgery.

My primary care physician suggested I got for a sleep apnea
test and once that was completed and I was diagnosed with
sleep apnea I was quickly approved for surgery in August of
this past year. (2004)

I attended orientation on November 16th 2004 and my diet to
lose my 10% manditory weight loss prior to surgery was
beginning the next day.

We traveled to Phoenix over the Thanksgiving holiday and I
continued to do well on my diet over the next few weeks. I
lost 30 lbs prior to meeting with my surgeon on 1/4/05 and
was qualified for surgery at the end of the month.

I was called the next day with my surgery date and made
arrangements at work to take the time off for surgery. I
was extatic and ready to go.

A friend I met at my orientation, Pam, had her surgery set
up for the following day and we were so excited to be in
this together every step of the way. She got postponed a
week and we were both very disappointed. She is now 3
weeks post op and I am one week post op.