Nick's Journal
2005-02-27 20:43:00 (UTC)

Wiggin' the fuck out

everyone's wigged the fuck out, be it because you've smoked
three bowels of pot and downed it with 2 40s or because you
have a new jersey public offering statement due in 3 minutes
and you don't have the completion dates nor the bonds of
assurance maturity dates to finish your review, or maybe
you've just chugged 3 red bulls in 5 minutes because you'd
think it would take over the 15 beers you've just downed in
hopes that you'll be "good to drive". sure.
we've all wigged out.
i've wigged out hardcore sometimes. one time i had just
finished my fifth bong hit and finished my 7th beer when i
thought i felt the couch cop a feel on my ass. i told the
inanimate object to cut it out. but it continued to touch
me and i lost it. i burned it outside of my apartment while
dancing around naked as the day i was born only with a lot
more black paint upon me.
some of us can handle a simple wiggin out by "cooling out"
with a beer. and then there are some of us who lose it the
second we can't find our pencils. or say we wig out because
we've realized that we've fucked up some hud filings. and
let's just say that i'm working with those people.
should it be recreational amenities or amenities nick?
i sat with the new associate for a half hour as she decided
upon this dilemma.
"should i put recreational? i mean isn't that redundant?"
"not really because there are certain amenities that aren't
used for recreational purposes, like say the yacht dock, you
really aren't using it for enjoyment but rather for storage."
ok i admit i was fucking with her here.
"you're right. hmmm, but...." now she really says this next
"don't people ENJOY docking their yachts."
me almost dying trying to keep my laughter in,
"i....ahem, i suppose they are happy about keeping their
yachts at their docks."
"so really it is a recreational amenity?"
"that depends on your defintion of recreational."
"true. ok, i'm just putting amenities."
wiggin' out.
now take this to my friend dave.
"i'm gonna drive home."
"dave you've had 17 beers, 5 bowels of pot, and i know you
just had unprotected sex with atleast three transvestite
"it's cool, i'm just gonna crush a pot of coffee."
"didn't you just tell me that you had engaged into a 30
minute wrestling match with the serpent king of ku'delra so
that you could get some salt n' vinegar chips?"
"yeah? so, i told you i'm gonna crush a pot of coffee!"
that's dealing with wiggin out.