I'll Be Loving You

I'll be ur cryin sholder
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2005-02-27 20:15:38 (UTC)

OK todays sunday and aaron looked.....

FREEKIN HOTTT! lmfao yea and lelin was there to those to
are like beyond halarious!
I want janelle to come over today but she kinda acted like
she couldent go anywere and then went to amys ohh well ppl
are strange...
MOMS GONE SKIING THANK GOD! im so sick of her shes all in
my buisness thease days theres some stuff that isent any
of her buisness! and i need air!
Dad left for work and i have no idea were my brother is
hes been gone for quit awile and i gotta go to my Grams
for 3 days..shouldent be to bad but i wont have my PS2
well thats all the new stuff but one more Jack amys dog is
at the vet cause he had internal bleeding in his lungs and
they can either do surgery and most likly it will
die....or they can just put it asleep so just wanted to
let u no :( bye
love ya,

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