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2005-02-27 19:16:11 (UTC)


how boring are sundays?pfft.aye so...av had a good wkend
friday went out with kirsten n met jo n duffy!what a
laugh..never laughed so much in my life man!..we should go
a big road trip one day!lol.yestrday a worked 8:30 til 5:30
was also funny scott was saying some well funny things to
kieran but am not gona get into that then after ma work we
picked uo kirsten then came up to mine,went out for a while
with jade n sarah then came home n watched a dvd n a felt
really sick n fell asleep and kirsten was like "where am a
meant to sleep and a was like "a dont know leave me
alone"lol..sowwiee hog a worked 11 til 1:30 ta
kirsten for working in sprvle for me!!after work a came
home got a munch then went to colins house watched the
rugby!well good game!ma boys won..lmao nah it was
rubish..never actually watched much of it we were just
talking..showed me his kilt for his prom tis nice :) was
emant to go to the gym but just came home cause jo was to
tired..well am away..

Bye x

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