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2005-02-27 18:41:38 (UTC)

Poem 28- I Don't Believe (9)

Poem 28- I Don't Believe

i dont believe in anger
i dont believe in pain
but for you, i'd do it all over again.
i dont believe in taking it on the chin
i believe in stopping the punch from within.
i dont believe in loss or hate
i believe you trust everything you have in fate.
i dont believe in scraping for whats yours anyway,
why spend all your time? why spend all day?
searching for what can be found infront of you.
the time to find it is overdue.

i dont believe thoughts should be shouted,
i dont believe a human mind should be martyred.
i dont believe we have the right to insult,
i believe we should be happy for anothers exult.
i dont believe we should be so uncomprehending,
eyes need widening, stop the pretending.
i dont believe in forever,
sometimes hell looks so damn better,
i dont believe in love.
you face seems so vacant, searching above.
searching the skys for the answer,
to so many questions, soul of a cancer.

i dont believe in the anguish of life,
it only ever ends in strife.
look around with those widend eyes,
watch as the bird flutters and dies.
i dont believe you and i are like that bird,
the notion has always appeard so absurd.
that neither of us could pull through,
you know inside that what i say is true.

i dont believe in anger
i dont believe in pain,
but for you i'd slit open the vein.

© Lucy Griffin Feb05

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