The Diary of a Dead Girl..
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2005-02-27 17:16:14 (UTC)

I hope it works..

Well, me and Josh were discussing ways of telling my
parents about him considering it bothers both of us that
we have to live as one big secret. Well, we figured
something out that might just work. My dad is always
asking me why i don't ever meet guys at all the concerts I
go to and so we decided to work with that. What I am going
to tell him is that I met Josh at a concert and we became
good friends before the night was over and we traded
screen names. Thing was, he was only visiting New Orleans
and lived in Kentucky. When he went back to Kentucky we
talked a lot online and after Jimmy broke up with me, he
asked me to be his girlfriend in a long distance sort of

The reason I lie is that my parents are real big on
internet predators. They think everyone online is liars
and 40 year old rapists pretending to be 13 year old
girls. I dunno.. I'm hoping it'll work..

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