2005-02-27 16:38:48 (UTC)


the highs and lows of the past weekend:
friday night was very cool, got to the school around 1ish,
helped them get ready and whatnot then just hung out for a
while. the show started around 330ish and it was just
luke with a guitar at first then kayleigh and taylor
showed up finally so they went on. not too bad not my cup
of tea but those girls can sure play. up next was next
half mile, they played a lot better then the last time i
saw them which was just a week before. i'm going to help
sell merch and manage them for a while, show them the
ropes of rock 'n' roll, hopefully they'll be able to grasp
what i teach them cause it will help them out in the long
run. sold everything they had, made 65 dollars for them.
the rest of the bands were ok, hey pete is pretty good pop
punk. went to pizza hut after the show and disccussed
business with the band, what they need done before the
next show. fianlly got back home around midnight.
finally met kelso's girl carla on friday too, seems like a
cool little girl, full of spunk.

so sat. was kind of a weird night. i went down to randy's
house and him and keith we're already drinking, so i had
some jack and cokes. then we walked down and met up with
todd and laura. it was cool seeing laura again, but the
one thing i didn't want to happened happened. i didn't
want to be the third wheel when i was down there and i
knew it was a probable thing to occur and it did. i know
she had to divide her time but i just didn't feel comfy
for most of the night. and at one point i ended up at the
bar by myself drinking a jack on the rocks with a beer
chaser. it was still good to see her again. and we talked
about how weird it is that we come from such different
backgrounds but still are parallel with each other on
everything and someday we decided that we'll be together
so i'm not stressing anything. two songs we're going
through my head yesterday so i'll post the lyrics for ya:

wok up to another boy's woes/i'm sober in a haze/even
cupid is confused/cause sick kids know no better/2nd verse
i might have been there once/ had enough night drama with
the present/with a future that holds true love success
true love darling that's you/chorus i know once again that
i'll remember what it's like to be a sick kid in love
repeat 4x/not that i believe in heaven or hell but this
angel is back in my life/ a few years wiser/she's more
than i thought/baby i'm here to stay/a mudslide for her/
and a whiskey for me/ we talk til the very last call/
second time for the first time its better and i seal it
with a kiss/ chorus/2nd verse/chorus

the tide broke/ it's a fine line/ i've known its suicide/
my thoughts are all safety and you/ and i hope you're
still parallel with me/ can i look left and see right/
with nerves upturning/its a sleepless night my head is
throbbing today is it the night you'll stay/ and i hope
you're still parallel with me/ i'm running the night
before you left and i hope things didn't change/ i'm
running the night/i'm running the night/ i'm running the
night/ i'm so tired but i can't sleep/it's a puzzle of a
restless broken heart/ missing just one piece/ that i
can't seem to find/ and i hope you're still parallel with
me/ and i hope you're still parallel with me.

with hugs and kisses and bed time wishes