What's On My Heart
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2005-02-27 16:27:28 (UTC)

Heartbreaks, Confidence, and Friends

How many of ya'll have been heartbroken, hurt by someone you
care about, or just got dumped? I proudly stand and say, I
have had all 3 of those done. It sucks don't it? But guess
what! You'll get over it. Life doesn't stop so you can
take a breather or get away for a bit. It keeps moving.
Take one day at a time. Your heart that has been broken
will become scarred. But there is something about scars
that many of us don't look at. We see scars as deformities
or blemishes in our skin. But wait, scar tissue is very
tough and strong. So look at the scar on your heart, it
made your heart stronger and tougher to handle any other
problems that come your way. The person that receives your
heart next time will know just how many times you've been
hurt by how hard it is to get into it. But remember, just
like your outside body, your heart can only take so many
scars. Be careful with it. It is a precious thing. And
also remember this...if you were dumped, the person that
dumped you may have had a good reason (ie you cheated), but
if that isn't the case, know that out there is a better
person. One that sees you so precious and priceless that
you don't ever compare to the others. One whose life you
fit so perfectly like the last piece of a puzzle, you make
them complete. Also remember that since you've been hurt,
you know how it feels. Look at the person your with and
realize that their heart is just as delicate as yours.

Now I know some of ya'll struggle with confidence. I read
it every day. COME ON! Look at yourself in that mirror and
tell yourself, "You're beautiful" or "You're handsome" and
just become a different person. You need to determine in
your heart what you look like on the outside. For those who
have been hurt by so-called friends because of what they
have said behind your back tell yourself, "I'm not going to
let that get me." Some people talk about others to boost
their own confidence, some people do it out of habit, others
because they feel like it needs to be said. Don't let
yourself stoop to any of those levels. Boost your
confidence by just believing in yourself. Easier said than
done, I know, but it'll work. Now, becareful not to get
cocky and self-centered. That's the hard part. Some people
have so much confidence you'd think they were in love with
themselves. Majority of them aren't, they just have
confidence that is above everyone elses. Those who look at
themselves in the mirror every 5 secs and just smile at
themselves, you know they're self-centered. But still, be
kind to those around you and find who your true friends are.

Not to be mean, but don't go into a group to "fit in." Hate
to break it to everyone, you arent always going to fit in
with the group you want to. I never fit in with the cool
girls, but I was still their friend and they were mine. But
we never called eachother to chill and we ain't gonna be
there for eachother when we're in trouble. We'd just talk
at school and hang out during practices. That was it, but I
did have my little group of friends. Not a clique, but a
group of friends that could trust eachother to be there for
all of the others - true friends. So don't go into a group
that you truly don't fit in, but you wanna be apart of them
cuz they are "cool" or "popular" cuz you'll end up hurt and
look...ANOTHER TRAGEDY! Don't set yourself up for another

Conclusion to this entry....Life isn't always going to be
the easiest thing, but during the hard times just remember
that a stronger you will come out in the end. Those scars
will toughen you up and make you a stronger and smarter
person in the end.