Hollow Years
2005-02-27 15:38:56 (UTC)

humph life

Not really a good day i'm trying to keep busy so i don't
think about things :(. Simon obviously didnt want me to go
today but i need to get over it and get over him this
really has gone on to long and i cant keep letting myself
get hurt like this.I'm going to try and not think about him
as much , not talk to anyone about him, not talk to him on
msn unless he talks to me. i know i will find this hard but
it's the only way really, and everyone goes through it
sometime in there life and they get through it so why
shouldn't i.i don't hate him but i'm not particularly fond
of him either. I don't see how someone could do what he's
done to me to someone. Maybe they just don't know what
there doing becuase he's had it done to him and he knows
how upset he got.i've tidied my room out a bit for when we
move it looks so empty with no poster or junk on the walls :
( i saw loads of old letters and stuff about simon and
everyhting started to get to me so i stopped and watched
some t.v with my brother.My mum and edward went away today
they are coming back on wednesday. Sometimes i just wish
everything would go the way i want it to but i suppose you
have to have some variety in life even if it is good and
bad. anyway so i will try not talk about Simon as much in
this diary but i still probably will because i'm not going
to be talking about him to anyone else so ill probably need
to.I think he is out now having fun maybe in manchester,
while im stuck in bored emma rang me i said i was stayin in
doing home work i dont feel like going out today i just
need one last day then i'm going to start getting on with

Song: 3 doors down - Here without you
Mood: Getting by