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2005-02-27 15:30:30 (UTC)

Day Number Two

Well I just got up. I'm on call and no one is picking up
the phone at work. Great!! They are probably at the bank or
something. I think the mall opens at 11. So last night I
figured out that I have 15 unread books. One of which is
from the library but I included it because I really want to
read it. It's Message in a Bottle. I have been reading alot
of Nicholas Sparks books. He's a really good author. I went
to bed around 1. This morning I kept hearing a loud truck
and I was tempted to get up thinking it was Tim...But it
was just the truck that plows. :( When Tim used to come
over in the middle of the night I would wake up to the
sound of his truck. ahhh. Hopefully today will be a little
bit better. He should get to Florida by 6-7. He better call
me tonight. But I guess if he doesn't I won't care because
I know when you just arrive somewhere you usually have alot
of stuff to do. Plus I think he is surprising everyone. His
mom and Ernie will be so happy!!

But now I am going to go. I will write more later.