Spirits In Silents
2005-02-27 12:36:42 (UTC)

nIce day an and hao cum my house den me accompany them
go eat lunch at mac den cum my hse play games...sianz at
first cos weather hot den juz when we wan go play bball
den rain sian 1/2...den we use com lor...den i show dem
the j ng foto..den they say still ok...but in my heart is
very very very handsome lor haha...den after rain we go
dinner den go many many hp shops see hp...othough nvr buy
but still very happi together..den we walk walk walk den
to a place got many stray cats de den gt a cat follow
an...very funny leh..den i owaes lik to say arlehmak den
dey all laugh me..den i say them bapok...lolx...hmmm den
we were eatin kinder bueno den walkin and loiterin sia...
but very fun day...hmmm tats all today...2 b continue..
(('v")) jon owaes...=)

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