Letter's to Roy
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2005-02-27 11:18:59 (UTC)


Good morning dear,

Well here I am again. I am just here talking to you because
I need to for a bit yet. I know that there will come a
time that I will be able to accept that you are gone.

I still have not heard from the guy I am talking to. May be
I scared him with my direct questions? But Iwant to know
what I am getting in to before I make any move.

on another note, Bobby has bronchitis. I was talking to
him last night and I had to call Carl to get Bobby to the
hospital so he could be evaluated. Boy did I go off. I
didn't want to raise the hell but I could tell by the way
Bobby was talking to me hen was having some problems breathing.

So I am going to go for now. Just remember that I love you
and I always will. I will see you when I get there. Love you!!

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