2005-02-27 08:39:52 (UTC)

i am sorry and i hope that you under stand

hey i dont know how to tell you and have you belive what i
am going to say.but i hope that you do any way!
1)okay look i know that i hurt you bad and i am sorry
2)i promis that it will never happen agen
3)you are the only one that i love and that i want to be with
4)every night i pray that you are happy
5)and every night i cry
6)i am so sick of hurting my self but my heart hurts so bad
that i cant help it
7)i am so sick of the voices and for some reson you are the
only one that can make them leave me alone
a houndred mor things that i have done that would
make you not wonat to take me back