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2005-02-27 08:29:24 (UTC)

hey bla bla bla

so today i told you how i feel and i know that it hardly hit
you. i wish that i was abel to change so i could get you
back i am trying though i mean i havnt cut my self yet and i
im starting to get stropg i think and i am really starting
to not care what others are thinkin but the trueth is is
that i wish that i had you back i am only 1/2 of how i am
with out you like the song "baby your my better half" i so
feel like we are dating i mean come on we act like it and
quite frankly i like the fact that we are like a couple i
mean we talk and spend so much time toghether and i am so
happy when i am around you it is great it is like nomatter
what is going wroung in my world it is all better now that i
am with you i mean come on i know that you seam happy and i
hate it when you say oo that is my ex her name is shannon
yeah my name is shannon but ex is not like miss it is not a
good lable infact i hate those 2 letters they are so sad you
put them toghether and it is the end no more good bye. o and
i still got trouble with good bye i hate the words probely
cause it ment that i wont see you agen for along time and i
wish that i could see you every day and i wish that i could
have you in my pers so that when i am in school i can cary
you with me every were just so i dont get hurt and that way
i can be like i will tell my boyfriend and then have you
come out and tell you and then you can bett the shit out of
them and i wouldnt care caus you can jump right back in and
hide so it would be alright and i hope that some day we get
back toghether so that i can be one agen.

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