Mes Pensées Folles
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2005-02-27 05:58:36 (UTC)


Well I FINALLY got my permit. That was on 2/25/05...and
today I went driving...I ended up on 305 and clue
how though! lol but for my 2nd day, i did pretty damn good!
lol and WOW! it's been forever since I wrote in this thing.
A couple months now, rite? lol Well, like life
still sux. The only part that doesn't is that I got my
permit which I couldve got almost 2 and a half years ago.
lol oh well! BUT I DID PASS IT THE FIRST TIME! 76%! lol and
who...going on! Um...I dont no...just life in general sux.

Quote of the Day:

You are you and I am me. And if we end up together in the
end, it's beautiful.

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So Long, Farewell from The Sound of Music

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