Mark's Journal
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2005-02-27 03:26:24 (UTC)

Hi again everyone Feb 26, 2005

Well I just go back from spending my spring break down at
the beach. It was cold as monkey balls but I enjoyed it
none the less. The waves were pretty much blown out but I
still had fun.
I saw alot of my friends but it seems to me that I dont
have as much in common with some of them as I used to. I
guess that shouldnt but it does bother me a bit.
My friend Renee is trying to hook me up with a friend of
her friend's. That should be interesting.
I think I finally fixed the florida snapper's filtration
problem. I had to use a couple of smaller filters in
instead of my big one. Hopefully he wont destroy those
Well thats about it for now but Ill write some more