Autum's Leaves
2005-02-27 01:16:30 (UTC)


"I will amuse myself with terror and pain." It's from
what song? Tell ya later.

Been talking with this guy, he's pretty cool. I'd
like to know him better, and yes, I'm being vauge. My bad,
but I'm still going to be vauge. "Do you people practice
being vauge?" -Stargate SG-1 (best show ever).

People are weird.

Yeah, so OMN was fucking awesome and I love going and
I'm going to go back to every single one they have, ever.
Classy Cowboy is SO good, and I love the Bonjoes and the
Offbeets. I just love music and I fall in love with people
that can play music. Especially Danny L. but what girl
isn't in love with him when he sings? *creams just
thinking about it* Ah, life is funny.

I'm rambling. You have permission to stop reading
this nonsense now.

Have a ton of anxiety about Pete, but fuck him. He's
a bastard and I...just can't say something about him. Arg,
see that's my problem. I don't hate him enough yet or
something. I really don't want to hate him. He's horrible
to me, but I can't hate him enough or not want to see mind's kinda stretched at the moment. It's just
me not wanting to think coherent sentences. I figure if
Faulkner can be called a genious for using run on
sentences then I can do it too damnit.

I'm gonna go get a beer. Even though it has calories.

A: Deltron 3030