Woman, Interrupted
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2005-02-27 00:09:48 (UTC)

Testing 1..2..3..

Well, here it goes... something else for me to do when I'm
bored and don't want to read, cross-stitch, watch
T.V./movie, sleep or play video games... I'm hoping this
will have the same effects as I'm hoping the tangible
version has on Ward. Although, at the moment, I'm thinking
I'm going to get more use out of this free one, than Ward
has gotten out of the $30 tangible version. I kind of wish
we had switched because at least his version has questions
and things that get your creative juices flowing... I'm
going on the pure "Start writing and see what happens"
theory. Don't think it works out quite as nicely, nor does
it help produce anything even remotely worth reading. I
guess I'll just have to try again, when I don't feel as
though any moment he could come in here and read over my
shoulder... That would be on Monday.