Dream Journal (No, Not Really!)
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2005-02-26 21:15:25 (UTC)

Numero Uno

So this is it, the very first entry, to be honest it should
probably be something spectacular but well it isn't.

Tomorrow will be the 27th - v. exciting i am going to NYC
my very first visit, should be good.

Well isn't this all very superficial i am sure that one day
i will come up with something very meaningful to say but
right now i have nothing to really say so instead i will
leave you with the following:

'There are more plastic flamingos in the world, than real
ones'. Courtesy of some website last updated in 1996.

And last but not least:

You should be listening to: Simon & Garfunkel - Keep The
Customer Satisfied

You should be watching: CSI:NY cool new show (tho i am
possibly influenced by the fact i am goin to NYC 2moro, i'm
pretty sure i already mentioned that but you know what it's
the most exciting thing that has happened to me in a while
so there!)

You should be wearing: Shirts! people don't wear shirts
enough anymore, personally i love em'

Peace Love, or else
Chef Rodrigo