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2005-02-26 20:16:36 (UTC)

feelin sorry 4 my self agen :(

i du...i shudnt cos its reli selfish but im feelin like
ppl r tryin 2 make things hard 4 me!! iv gota make a big
desition 2mora an i dont wana!! it may not seem so big 2
sum ppl an the answer will b a simple 'no' 4 sum ppl but i
duno i cant jus sey no!! i can neva sey no!!...(lol this
is totaly irelivant 2 this but tom is also reli hard 2 sey
no 2!! bout nefin u jus cant sey no 2 him!! lol sos jus
forta that)...neways im jus feelin sorry 4 my self while
mosta my m8s r at the cinima avin a gud time which they
can all talk bout an monday an im here...bein
usual!! i alredi reli like an outsider an used an not
liked an like they all h8 me an this makes it worse wen i
cant go out!! wasnt cos i wasnt invited it was cos i
wasnt aloud out 2nite...but o not duin well wiv
the changin eitha! im h8in my self more i fink :(
tryin damn it!!!