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2005-02-26 12:42:48 (UTC)

A Cry from My Soul

A maze of thoughts and endless nightmares,
A thousand cries and desperate prayers.
How much longer should I keep living?
I deserve no one that is forgiving.
I bring nothing but conflict, anger and pain,
I keep hurting people over and over again.
I feel weak at heart and poor of mind,
No clear answers that I can find.
What use am I, a filthy sinner?
What help am I, a selfish cur?
Guilt and darkness overwhelm my soul,
And within it lies an endless hole.
Void, lost and empty, here I am,
Everything opposite of worthy and grand.
The pain inside me is growing each day,
My soul is succumbing to a dangerous decay.
The darkness blinds my visual modality,
And hinders the aid of my guiding morality.
Help me, Lord, and please help me, someone near...
My situation, my pain, has become truly severe.


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