desperate housewife
2005-02-26 08:10:05 (UTC)

the "to do" list

Things I Want To Do:

*go to Russia
*have torrid affairs with scandalous men
*eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts every day and never gain a
*smoke in public places
*own a 1978 red Corvette
*relive the romance with my first love
*see a ghost
*write a book
*have a relationship with my father
*be fluent in a foreign language

Things I Never Want To Do Again:

*launder someone elses dirty underwear
*say yes when I really want to say no
*waste 2 hours of my life watching a shitty movie
*worry about finances
*get caught in a lie
*run out of gas
*wake up with a hangover
*feel regret