The life of a boring person
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2005-02-26 06:22:49 (UTC)


what is love? is it just something that you feel or it is
something that last and grows with time. when you love it
shouldn't be just for looks it should be for more then
that. it should be that feeling that i don't know how to
explain it. love actauly should be more then a feeling.
because feeling can fad away and you will be stuck with
some one who you once were in love with then years later
not even be interisted in anymore. and it shouldn't all be
about sex. sex is great but there got to be more to the
relationship. what i mean is there got to be more.
ok. this guy i work with name joe* is a male slut. kind of
funny, to tell the truth. he can have sex with three girls
in the same day and be fine with that. he say doing with
one of them just gets boring. he needs to find a girl who
excites him constantly some one who excites him.
my ways i think of love is...
1. when he is sad you can make him laugh and hold him and
make things better.
2. he can make you laugh you head off. but can be serious
when needed.
3. you know you love him with you even telling him. visa
4. he knows you. (eg. what you like, what makes you sad
or cry, he knows who you are.)
5. you can be yourself around him. no faking and
pretending around him or her.
6. you can look in his/her eyes and see his soul.
7. you know what he/she is thinking or about to say before
he/she says anything.
8. he/she makes you get out of your bubble and try new
things you were afraid of doing by yourself.
9. he/she does not have to be constanly toching you to
know that he/she loves you
10.we are bestfriends.
this sort of my list for what i want in my guy. (Well
there is more but i will save it for latter.)
my guys is a sweetheart. i don't know if i love him yet,
though. i mean i think i do. actaully proubly do but wont
allow my self to think that because i hate it when i get
to attached to something things don't work out the way i
want them to so i end up hurt and crying in the end. i
don't want to get hurt it sucks. because i know i will be
the one hurt the most in the end of it. (great i am trying
to end it already.) i am really afraid of getting hurt.
maybe i am avoiding him altogether. i never know what to
talk about with him. i hate being shy. oh my god i think
may realy like him almost near love. but what if he only
after sex, i don't know if i could stand that. it would
hurt so bad. if that is all he is after i will break up
with him. i think i want to stay a virgan till i am
married. and i don't want to lose it just any one it got
to be some one important. that i love and may end up with.
dating is hard. i don't want to be used and abused. no
thank you. but i think me not allowing my self to become
close to him is bad for this relationship. like a guy said
i need to lighten up. i guess i do need to lighten up. i
need to alow myself to fall in love and then get hurt.
that is the fun of it right?in the game of love.
well i guess i have writen enough for one night so i
better be off to bed.
*name changed for the safty of the incent

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