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2005-02-26 03:52:40 (UTC)

the intermurals

Omg ok this week at school you know it was spirit week
tuesday was sports and hat day wedensday was crazy hair day
thursday was opposite day and friday was blue and white day
our school colers for the championship volleyball game.
well i did everyone of the days spirit topics i
participated and i got my picture tooken in the year book
for it ya know and i had fun doing all of this stuff i
looked totally stupid but i had so much fun. Well , i go to
the intermurals with my friends and i had my face painted
half white half blue ! and i was the only one who did it
and i looked really dumb in front of 3 schools and some guy
came up to me and statred making fun of me well i got him
right back with some comments that shut him up real quick
and he started it again so i went over there to punch im
right in his face he made me so mad well he backed up and
walked away stupid pussy omg i hat eppl like that and a
whole bunch opf other people were making fun of me and that
fucking makes me pissed up and everything is just going
wrong it makes me just so mad i m going go in a fucking
mental hospital i cant handle this no more it may sound a
little thing but i havent told you the whole story i dont
know what im going to do i have no clue i m just i dont
know breaking downor somthing i have cried for the past 3
weeks everyday !

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