Place my Pieces Together-Angie#6
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2005-02-26 02:50:05 (UTC)

Friday Nite...

Hey everyone...well its Friday nite and I am home alone
without anyone to talk to. Well its sad to say that I am
home on a Friday nite cause I'm usually not but I am
freakin punished. I cant stand being here but sometimes you
need a break from those wild nites. Well today was Senior
Breakfast at school today. As usual I didnt eat freakin $6
just go see everyone and dance a little. Well yeah it
started off pretty good I showed up with Manny and Eddie
and then I chilled with everyone pretty much. Well...after
everyone was pretty much done with eating they played music
and as usual I get the urge to dance so I started dancing
with my friends and Eddie joined in and it ended up that
him and I started dancing together. Meant nothing really.
Its just that I am so used to dancing with him that like I
enjoy dancing with him cause like he knows whats going to
be my next move you know. Well whatever. It was so freakin
crowded. I saw Anthony and I would see him from the corner
of my eye. You dont know how much I just wanted to grab him
and place his arms around me but whatever I need to contain
myself. I knew it must have bothered him seeing me dancing
like that. Oh well, I kept on dancing there was so many
people I swear it was so freakin HOT! Everyone was sweating
and it started to get stuffy. It was bad after a while.
Whatever then it ended and thats when I wanted to go home
and take a shower. I was sweaty and my hair was getting
messed up and also my make-up. And on my way out I had a
text message on my phone...it was from Anthony. It said
something about me dancing with Eddie cause I had told him
that I wasn't talking to him anymore. Well yeah, I texted
him back and explained everything to him. Whatever we went
to third period and when we were about to leave to Mannys
house when we found out that we couldnt cause there was a
security in the back so whatever we ended up staying at
school. I had the urge to freakin get my tattoo but I heard
that when you get tattoos you shouldnt go to the beach and
next week is FCAT week and all you do do is go to the beach
so whatever. I guess thats out of the question. that sucks!
I wanted it so badly I dont want to wait anymore! Well
whatever. Right when we were about to leave I decided to
stay in 5th period cause I have too many absents so
whatever. Eddie and Manny left I stayed at school but left
Well I came home and Lia came home with me cause she
is wanted to meet the person that is making my prom dress.
Oh man...its going to be so pretty. Well it I havent had
many people asking me to prom but I dont know. At least the
person I want to ask me isnt. That sucks! Like regardless
of anything I dont know. Why doesnt this stupid kid ask me
to prom. But its not like if he knows I want him to ask me
in the first place. But get the freakin clue man! Well as
of now I am going with Eddie but like I dont know. I am
afraid that by the time prom does come around Eddie and I
wont be talking cause we're always fighting you know. But
whatever the person I want to go with (Anthony) I know his
not going to ask me. Its common sense cause whatever he
just doesnt see me like that anymore. I NEED TO GET OVER
THIS FREAKIN KID! God...man...! Its that his so freakin
perfect for me! Like look at us together its the cutest
thing you'll ever see! WE WERE MEANT TO BE! IT WAS MEANT TO
BE LIKE THAT! DUH! Lia is going with Jimmy but I really
want to be with Anthony that night and also for Grad Nite
but I know I'm not spending that with Anthony so what makes
me think that I am going to spend prom with him! Whatever!
I need to stop thinking that maybe he might will ask me
cause I'm just getting my hopes up for nothing! Whatever. I
went to the dressmaker saw what she had to say, went to buy
the fabric and man the color I got is WOW! What an eye
catcher! All eyes on me! I cant wait! Whatever no matter
what whoever I go with I am going to make the best out of
it you know its my freakin prom! Well whatever this is it
for now! *Nite*