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2005-02-26 02:18:11 (UTC)

february 25 2005

hey today at school was nifty . my cousin had her baby
today awh how cute lol brown hair and blue eyes lol so
cute. yeah elise said that it was so painful lol awh she
was exausted. yeah i bet lol but it was a quick delivery
lol so im so happy for her. lol i held the baby and i have
pictures. so cute. well that was fun. um wow so much fun
there lol blowing it out and rubbing my belly pretending
that i was pregnet lol haha nd then alex on the elevator
and that guy lol awh good day. my mom went to the doctors
today and she had some good news. im tired and i wanna go
somewhere at the same time. welp i found out that my mom my
sister my brother are all going to miami to check out
johnson wales. so i dont know what im going to do when they
are going. the carnival is next weekend and i only have 10
weeks of 8th grade left and then it is 2 months or 8 weeks
of summer and then high school! lol yay lol i cant wait
lol will i love it lol i know it will be so much better
than next year lol so hey well i have to go its friday
night and what am i doing. reading lol i have a book report
due in 2 weeks and i have only 249 pages done of my book
out of about 450 lol so im out. ttyl, hope to write soon,
xoxo serena