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2005-02-26 02:05:14 (UTC)


February 22, 2005


Noxious convers' inoculating my mind with fever
Dark... deep into the blankets, I shiver cold
I can see them all laughing

Don't laugh at me
It hurts so bad when you laugh

Not living
That is the only way to die
All other roads lay a path t'words the everlasting, and
Looking back
Having lost that life
Will you regret

Will you regret that one last chance you missed to say
That one last chance at saying; "I love you."

Will you regret all the years past and all the years lost
Serving so intolerable a master as bitterness...
resentment... fear

Will you regret never having taken the chance
Those; "What if I's'..." and the; "Where did I go wrong's'?"


Will you regret the times that you refused to give in
Will you regret the times where you gave just, "so easy..."

747 climbing higher into the morning sky
There is no turning back
Smoke out on the wing
A steple to hands
And, I remember how you told me;

"You're such a kind friend"

I remember that I barely opened my eyes as you left
Why could you not just hold me

"Dear God. What have I missed? What have I become?"

Setting sun
The placidity of a liquid mirror
A lake, my friends and I
There was a time to remember


I can still see those days

What happened to you and I?
I remember that, once, we were so happy
And, "I never liked you in the first place!"
But I did...
I did like you so much

Will you regret

How you used to drink
I tried
So hard I tried and I loved you so damn much
Have you any idea how bad you hurt me
Have you any idea how greatly you served me
HadI any idea, it may not have turned out so well
God does work his way in mystery and, still
I do love you so

Even though you hurt me
"Et tu Brute"
And it was that I was slaughtered
Your hand left stained in blood
That hurt
The past
My friend
Is the past
Will you regret your tresspasses?
Still, I love you

Watching you awake
Time and time again... experiencing your "very first time"
Oh, how the light in your eyes was joy
How infectious, that joy
Will you regret the moments lost
The joy you feared before
The joys you still, so, do fear


Cold... shivering from a near mid-day sun
I, too do know those things
I love
So much so, do I care
And hurt
And pain
And, for that pain
And, for that joy, yes... I, too, know those things
And, I grow

I grow so that I do not regret
That i may live so that I shall not die
so that my corperal release equates to empowerment
Couragously faced
I know I shall find home
And, I know I shall forever be...

Free of constraint and fear and, still
I love you all

Craig E. Raboteau

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