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2005-02-26 02:01:33 (UTC)

Lost And Lonely

November 06, 2004

Lost And Lonely

If I died
Would you cry
Would you weep as my head fell
Would your heart be torn apart even as my soul is from my

If I fled this world t'words heaven or hells great gates
Would your heart fly there with me
Would you even notice that I was gone
I travel that road alone

I am alone
Lonely and so alone
And I've none but grief to comfort me

What a comfort

Why do I love
Why do I feel
Why can I not be as cold as all would paint me

Rancor red
So mad

Baleful blue
So sad

So far from my grasp
Yet still so close that I can touch to yours
Why must you torment me
Why can you not be mine


You are every dream I've ever had
You are every happiness
Every smile
Every brightly lite summer’s days
And a cool breeze upon my face

You were my reason before reason
My season before season
You are my reason even now

Even now

With the dawn
I am alone
Twilight takes me
I am alone
And beauty is
Naught but a dream

So vivid a dream

Rancor red
Baleful blue

So lovely
So sad

This dream
A tragic canvass laid
Harmoniously sang
But delivered as a dirge
So soulfully, bitter sweet

If I died
What would you say of me
Would you lovely write me my eulogy
Would you sing my epitaph out loud so that everyone would

"Here, lies a man ..."

A man

This lonely man who died alone
No one to sing
No one to mourn
Life lived head in hands
Hands cupped hard to hide the shame
Hands cupped hard to hide the pain
And all the tears that never did break his eyes, but
How his heart did cry

His heart cries now
My Heart
Steal away this hurt inside
Clear me fast my shaded eyes

Rancor Red
Baleful blue

My beauty gone
The dream is through
And here I stand

Deep red
Deep blue

A lost and lonely man

I am
So lonely
I am
So sad
I am so very lost without you

Craig E. Raboteau

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