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2005-02-26 02:00:43 (UTC)

A Simple Touch (Part 1)

January 12, 2005

A Simple Touch (Part 1)

Once, knew I a lass, so sad
Her eyes, s'posed to sparkle
Devoid of light

A woebegone sight, indeed

She would laugh
And, she would smile
But for all, 't'were empty
For she had naught but a rancorous red in her heart
A deep and blackend blue

Sweet, sweet dear
So ashened a gentle heart

And, once, she was pure
Once, she was pure

A babe knowith not the worlds uncertainties
Innocence, cannot know such things

A touch
Nothing more
Yet, waves tide swiftly t'word and along greatly altered
shores at the
slightest winds pass
And then there was more...

Bereaved of faith
Flame and heart sequestered into a hoveled den

It once was a soul
Once... it was a soul

We, each of us , must all, a demon face
The tragedy of youth does say so
Yet, most of our demons fade to phantom over time, and
Most phantoms do fade away

Shadows of the midnight mist
An image that appears only in the mind
An illusion


Yet her phantom had a face
His face
There before her now
She had seen his face before
She can see his face even still

O', fate
A lamb coupled with a wolf to dine
We expect that lamb should come away unscathed?

A cherub is born with wings
Decendant to Earth...
Wings shorn...
Tell me;
Shall she ever fly again?

My, God

Please, allow that love should fly again

And, a storm brews outside my doors as my mind closes in
upon me as,
By the words of she
I imagine
And, I can see
And, I am there

The sullied hands of depravity ebonizing innocence's lily
A tear
A eye, rent
And, a slience to shatter mountains

The scream

Can no one hear her scream

So pitiful
A whimper...
A desperate plea for help
But, no one would save her
No one was there
And, even as I stood there then
Powerless to stop what was
I was able, only, to observe
And, pray
And I did pray

Dear Lord
I pray even now

A cloak felleth over then
And, I was forced by heart to avert my eyes, but
I was able to...
Forced to see
This actuality
An illiusion
An erroneous perception of reality
Yet, know I, truly that, unfortunately, what I do see here
IS real
For so many days...
For so many, it has been and will be real
And, my heart did and does break to witness such travesty

And, as the cloak is lifted
Where once lay a bud
Now, lay there an unwashed rose
That rose, once, so clean ...

She once was clean

A tear
An eye, rent
A slience to tear heaven down, and
No once can hear her scream
No one comes to answer the plea

"Please! Someone! Help!"
"Please! Someone! Save me ..."

It comes again

Craig E. Raboteau

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